Special Trial Offer

Special Trial Offer

| $29


Easily improve focus with natural ingredients. Try 10 Drinks for only $29.

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Special Trial Offer

Special Trial Offer

| $29


1,537 reviews

Easily improve focus with natural ingredients. Try 10 Drinks for only $29.


  • Upgrade Working Memory
  • Boost Mental Output
  • Try the test kit

Key Features

✔ Discover the combination that works best for your unique brain from 7 unique formulas made with Nootropics, functional oils and minerals.

✔ Designed to empower your best thinking, from procrastination and mental blocks to deeper sleep and verbal fluency.

✔ Made by our UCLA alum Neuroscientists, based on decades of clinical research and brainwave measurement.

What is it?

Welcome to personalized cognitive healthcare. Over the years, we have found that one of these 7 formulas, or some combination, should unlock your best thinking. This can change depending on situational factors, such as current stress or anxiety, but we hope you find a combination that works great for you, to get you to your “true brain”. It’s a big step in our journey to empower people to do their best thinking.

TruBrain’s Drinks are made with nootropics - the functional amino acids, nutrients, and minerals that are consumed by the brain and directly support cognitive function. The TruBrain formula is also fortified with brain food like magnesium and choline that are naturally found in foods like spinach, artichokes, and kale. While present in many whole foods, one cannot attain beneficial amounts of nootropics from eating whole foods alone. That's where TruBrain comes in.

How Does it Work?

TruBrain’s formulas are designed to safely modulate blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which delivers more oxygen and glucose to neurons. This improves the brain’s “plasticity” or ability to make new connections. The TruBrain formula is also fortified with building blocks, like magnesium and choline, that naturally support your brain's metabolism and function. The active nootropics in TruBrain have a long track record of performance and safety.

How to take?

Drink 1-2 per day with or without food. For Sleep, limit to 1 per day before bedtime. For all others, don’t drink too close to bedtime.

Looking for something mellow?
Take Mellow (green) or Medium (blue) when you’re looking to get in the zone by blocking excess anxiety and stress. Best anytime, but not too close to bedtime.

Looking to feel a jolt of vigilance?
Take Boost (orange) or Extra (red) when you’re looking to feel immediate focus. Best in the morning or early afternoon.

Looking for a deep sleep? We recommend enjoying one Sleep (purple) drink about 30 minutes before bedtime.


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Our brains are a lot alike, but they're also very different

That's why TruBrain has Brain Food tailored to you. Our personalized formulas will empower you to be the best version of your unique self.

High IQ Foods

Overcome mental blocks, conquer procrastination, and improve verbal fluency. Introducing brain food with a high IQ - a complete source of amino acids, minerals, and nootropics (protein-like molecules needed for communication between neurons in your brain). Designed by our team of UCLA trained neuroscientists, flavored with organic, plant-based ingredients.

What will unlock your True Brain?

With options ranging from a patented combination of functional oils plus Nootropics, our strongest formula ever, and a non-caffeine version, TruBrain Custom is the most advanced brain food around. After two years in the making, you can now personalize your subscription to what works best for your brain. Or see which works best for your brain today vs. tomorrow and then Saturday vs. Tuesday.

How do we know it works?

We validate TruBrain from both third party clinicals and EEG brainwave analysis. The research consensus is that our select nootropics increase alpha brain wave activity, enhance verbal fluency, and improve memory and learning. In addition, at our lab in Los Angeles, CA we validate efficacy with quantitative brainwave data, instead of relying solely on people’s subjective assessments. The main objective we have is to boost high alpha brain waves, which is associated with improved cognitive function.


Loved by thousands

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Say Hello to TruBrain

We’re not magicians. We’re not going to turn you into a rocket scientist. Unless you’re already a rocket scientist. We’re not Big Pharma. Our products are custom made to boost mental output. We empower people to do their best thinking.

Based on 1,537 reviews

Zack Jin

Verified Buyer


This stuff works!! I work on my feet 8-10 hours a day and when I feel like I'm started to "drag", I take one of the Extras and it's immediate energy and motivation!! I always keep an Extra in my bag for those lower motivation days and it saves me every time. This stuff is so much better than sugar filled energy drinks. I don't even drink them anymore - TruBrain is all I need.

Ann M.

Verified Buyer

Everyone should try this

Great way to try out the different products/strengths! Great packaging, great product and made me feel confident in deciding to purchase full boxes. Really like the mellow for relaxing at night but getting some thought work done.

Colt Whitcomb

Verified Buyer

This has changed the game for me!

Before TruBrain, I was experiencing a lot of sluggishness and a lack of focus. After I started taking this regularly, I feel alert, awake, and don't have to take frequent naps throughout the day just to stay productive. This has changed the game for me and I'm so grateful to have found this product!

debra g.

Verified Buyer

happy how it feels

I have a very stressful job and experience slight anxiety. I wanted to find a solution to help me relax and release some tension. After hearing a bunch of reviews and positive feedback I decided to give TRU brain a try. Since I started taking it, I feel less high strung. I feel more relaxed and less anxious. I'm so happy I took a chance on trying TRU brain. I'm so happy to feel the way I feel with it.

Randy Butler

Verified Buyer

I love the effect

I tried this product after it caught my attention on one of those paid Instagram advertisements that are usually annoying. I was searching online earlier for new vitamins or anything to boost my mental health and improve my memory. I have tried almost all products in the market since having a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) a few years ago, and continue my search trying to find something that will optimize my brain function. I have been taking the product for four months, and I notice the difference in focus, memory, and speech. This product is excellent. Give it a try.


Verified Buyer


A high quality product that gives you a extra clear mind and a solid one were both hemispheres works in synchronicity. Tried a box once and they were delicious but the quite pricey. In order to sell to more people, it would be necessary to lower your prices. As an overall I would give the nootropic brand Trubrain 10/10 and nothing happened to me after trial besides from feeling extra focused. Remember to drink extra H20 after usage to support your circulatory system and brain.

Savanna M.

Verified Buyer

I liked the opportunity to try different strengths.

I liked the opportunity to try different strengths.

Jenny H.

Verified Buyer

Everyone could benefit from TruBrain

I’ve been taking the think drinks everyday for over 5 years. Now with the ketones every other day and I couldn’t ask for more. Thank You TruBrain team.


Verified Buyer

Repeat Customer For 2+ Years

Excellent product that helps me to be more productive and use my time more effectively.

Fred R.

Verified Buyer

Trubrain has the best credentials

Backed n researched by UCLA neuroscientists, other nootropics out there don’t have these type of credits. Thanks Trubrain

Mike j.

Verified Buyer

added focus and concentration

Love this stuff!!! I really wish I had this when I was in school. Increased focus and wellbeing without jitters or crash hours later. This stuff is great!

Sonja M.

Verified Buyer

Excellent Solution

The kit is an excellent solution for seeing if truBrain is a good option for you. They did a great job with the packaging here and present the packs in a nice guided way. I was able to test all the versions and find which works best for me. I will continue to use this product as it helps me tremendously with mood and getting a good night's sleep. Oh, btw, I continue to order sleep and flow, my faves.

Todd N.

Verified Buyer


TruBrain helps me get into the zone when I have hard thinking to do. I notice its benefit best when I have to really buckle down on a challenging mental project, Not so much getting through emails, and meetings, but when I've got to do research, put together a presentation, or really organize my thoughts on a problem. It's helps me with serious single-tasking. Before TruBrain, I'd procrastinate, or elevate the busywork on my list to avoid the process of just trying to get tuned in and distraction free. With Trubrain in my morning ritual (I have it before my coffee), I find it much easier to simply get going on the tougher assignments in front of me. Almost like the kind of tunnel vision you can get when you are having a really good physical workout.

Shannon Sondelin

Verified Buyer

These drinks work!!!!!

Brain food? Oh yeah! The Collage mind press + a teen (high school struggle) falling a bit behind = Mom on the hunt to find what works! This delicious resolve was just what we needed! Hope it helps many more❤ Thank you Tru Brain ❤

Phil C

Verified Buyer

It surprisedly works

I suffered from really bad short term memory loss. I was forgetful about dates, tasks to do and my girlfriend always got on my case. I decided to give this a shot. I did the 10 pack trial. After the 4th or 5th day I began really noticing the efforts. I was recalling past conversations as if I just had them. I was even able to recite word for word some of the conversation we had even. I also noticed an increase in quicker memory recalling when talking about TV shows or even catching up with old friends, talking about past experiences. The taste is not good I will admit but I think anything that is good for you shouldn't taste amazing. With good diet, good sleep, this supplement really will step up your game and allow you to be 101%.

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Recycled Paper Packaging

Our packaging is made of recycled paper. You can also recycle it. This drastically reduces plastic usage, and the concentrated, 1-ounce size means that we can ship more product for less. Compare this to heavy and bulky drinks that take more money and more fuel to transport. Smart packaging for a smarter brain.