Personalized Drinks (2023) |

Personalized Drinks (2023) |

578 reviews

1 oz. shots designed by UCLA-trained neuroscientists to help you power past stress, overcome mental blocks, and boost mental output.

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Personalized Drinks (2023) |

Personalized Drinks (2023) |

578 reviews

1 oz. shots designed by UCLA-trained neuroscientists to help you power past stress, overcome mental blocks, and boost mental output.



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Functional oils and natural ingredients for a deep, restorative sleep.



Functional oils and nootropics for calm, balanced focus.



Calming blend of antioxidants and Nootropics for relaxation and clarity.



Botanical adaptogens, superfoods, and nootropics for memory and focus.



Break through brain fog with no caffeine.



Our #1 selling formula to fight procrastination and distractions.


Extra Strong

Our extra strength formula for radical, immediate focus.

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  • Find what works for you
  • Personalized for your brain
  • Strengths for everyone

Key Features

✔ Discover the combination that works best for your unique brain from 7 unique formulas made with Nootropics, functional oils and minerals.

✔ Designed to empower your best thinking, from procrastination and mental blocks to deeper sleep and verbal fluency.

✔ Made by our UCLA alum Neuroscientists, based on decades of clinical research and brainwave measurement.

What is it?

Welcome to personalized cognitive healthcare. Over the years, we have found that one of these 7 formulas, or some combination, should unlock your best thinking. This can change depending on situational factors, such as current stress or anxiety, but we hope you find a combination that works great for you, to get you to your “true brain”. It’s a big step in our journey to empower people to do their best thinking.

How Does it Work?

TruBrain’s formulas are designed to safely modulate blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which delivers more oxygen and glucose to neurons. This improves the brain’s “plasticity” or ability to make new connections. The TruBrain formula is also fortified with building blocks, like magnesium and choline, that naturally support your brain's metabolism and function. The active nootropics in TruBrain have a long track record of performance and safety.

How to take?

Drink 1-2 per day with or without food. For Sleep, limit to 1 per day before bedtime. For all others, don’t drink too close to bedtime.

Looking for something calming?
Take Mellow (dark green) or Medium (blue) when you’re looking to get in the zone by blocking excess anxiety and stress. Best anytime, but not too close to bedtime.

Looking for something organic?
Take Matcha (light green) or Mushrooms (brown) to support memory and focus organically.

Looking for something more energetic?
Take Strong (orange) or Extra (red) when you’re looking to feel a jolt of vigilance and focus. Best in the morning or early afternoon.

Looking for a deep sleep?
We recommend enjoying one Sleep (purple) drink about 30 minutes before bedtime.


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Our brains are a lot alike, but they're also very different

That's why TruBrain has Brain Food tailored to you. Our personalized formulas will empower you to be the best version of your unique self.

High IQ Foods

Overcome mental blocks, conquer procrastination, and improve verbal fluency. Introducing brain food with a high IQ - a complete source of amino acids, minerals, and nootropics (protein-like molecules needed for communication between neurons in your brain). Designed by our team of UCLA trained neuroscientists, flavored with organic, plant-based ingredients.

What will unlock your True Brain?

With options ranging from a patented combination of functional oils plus Nootropics, our strongest formula ever, and a non-caffeine version, TruBrain Custom is the most advanced brain food around. After two years in the making, you can now personalize your subscription to what works best for your brain. Or see which works best for your brain today vs. tomorrow and then Saturday vs. Tuesday.

How do we know it works?

We validate TruBrain from both third party clinicals and EEG brainwave analysis. The research consensus is that our select nootropics increase alpha brain wave activity, enhance verbal fluency, and improve memory and learning. In addition, at our lab in Los Angeles, CA we validate efficacy with quantitative brainwave data, instead of relying solely on people’s subjective assessments. The main objective we have is to boost high alpha brain waves, which is associated with improved cognitive function.

Say Hello to TruBrain

We’re not magicians. We’re not going to turn you into a rocket scientist. Unless you’re already a rocket scientist. We’re not Big Pharma. Our products are custom made to boost mental output. We empower people to do their best thinking.

Based on 578 reviews

Brianna H

Verified Buyer


First discovered them a year ago while visiting a friend in CA. I ordered 3 boxes when I went home to NY and have tried every formula. I love that I can mix and match them when I need.

Andy T.

Verified Buyer

Love the BYOB

Every item I selected in the BYOB has been great! I love that there are so many options. Thanks!

Mike W.

Verified Buyer

A welcome addition to my mornings

Tried multiple other products. These hit the spot. Yes, they have helped me. Yes, it really works for me. Yes, it sharpens my day and mood. My favorites are the Extra and Boost. I also really like TruBrain's transparent approach to the science.

Grace V

Verified Buyer

Buy it now!

These drinks are everything! The sleep ones help me sleep and the flow one puts me in a better mood. I’m more focused now and they taste great! Love how the ingredients are all natural. Highly recommend!

Kyle O.

Verified Buyer

Works well for several hours

I've used TruBrain to study and to read in general instead of coffee sometimes and it's a very nice change, coffee works for me but it takes a good bit for it to do the job. I can keep the boost and extra in my backpack and get in the zone like that. Just like coffee you can feel it more on an empty stomach.

Eric Y.

Verified Buyer

LOVE that there are different formulas

I am just getting into nootropics and fell in love with TruBrain. Their packets are cool looking and the thing I like best is the ability to customize my box. I like to mix a few of the green drinks with some of the blue drinks. But then when I have something important coming up, I switch to a box with the red ones. You guys are the best!

Jeremiah D.

Verified Buyer

Bonus! We get to pick our own drinks!

This pick your own box is the best deal! I get to try all sorts of new things and they are all the ones I want to try!! What a great value, I love being able to switch!

Stephanie S.

Verified Buyer

Love that I can customize a box

I recently purchased 2 build your own boxes. The boxes are an excellent value for what you get - this way I get enough drinks to last me the month. While everything I ordered I enjoy using, my personal favorites are the Blue NonCaff and the Green Flow drinks (I have mild sensitivity to caffeine so these help me focus without it) and the Sleep drink of course.

Armen H.

Verified Buyer

You are the best

Yes!! Works very well! Didn't realize how much of a difference TruBrain made until I stopped using it. I definitely recommend it.

Garrett C

Verified Buyer

Building my own variety pack

Really liked the idea of being able to choose the 4 drinks I wanted to try instead of just going with the recommendation. Very happy with my purchase and I definitely plan to subscribe in the future.

Judith P

Verified Buyer


Building a box allowed me to personalize what drinks would be best for my husband. He suffers with memory loss and other issues from a TBI and we were able to try the different options and find the one that works best for him. Thank you truBrain!

Scott T.

Verified Buyer

Did not disappoint

Doesn't give me the jitters like most nootropic supplements I've tried, doesn't make me feel over amped either. And it actually worked to give me focus, something I only usually get from a prescription. These drinks work exactly as described. Happy I decided to finally try it out and get the variety pack!

Mallory O.

Verified Buyer

Unlike any memory supplement I've tried

I ordered the TruBrain variety box with hopes it would help to remove a mental fog I had been experiencing for awhile. I'm about two and a half weeks into it and I'm completely blown away by the results. I've noticed I've picked up on the learning curve at my new job, I'm remembering names where as before they would go through one ear and out the other. My ability to focus is better than it's ever been. Give it about a week and you will definitely see results.

Katie G.

Verified Buyer

Very happy

I'm familiar with the product line but ended up picking two varieties, flow and extra. I tried them at the recommendation of your team, and I am VERY pleased.

Mateo W.

Verified Buyer

Really good drinks

Tried all of these drinks as a sample in my build your own box. I thought the flow drink was very good and added it to my next box.

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Recycled Paper Packaging

Our packaging is made of recycled paper. You can also recycle it. This drastically reduces plastic usage, and the concentrated, 1-ounce size means that we can ship more product for less. Compare this to heavy and bulky drinks that take more money and more fuel to transport. Smart packaging for a smarter brain.