Coffee Kit

Coffee Kit


A dynamic duo of coffee and Nootropics. TruBrain’s Coffee Kit comes with fresh roasted beans + 20 Focus Sticks of all-natural Nootropics. Available separate or as a Kit. Neutral taste sticks. 

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Coffee Kit

Coffee Kit

148 reviews

A dynamic duo of coffee and Nootropics. TruBrain’s Coffee Kit comes with fresh roasted beans + 20 Focus Sticks of all-natural Nootropics. Available separate or as a Kit. Neutral taste sticks. 

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  • Fresh Roasted Beans
  • Focus Sticks
  • Sharp Not Shaky

Key Features

✔ Wake up smarter with our smooth, no-crash Coffee Kit.

✔ Focus Sticks have natural ingredients clinically proven to improve cognitive performance. Neutral taste.

✔ Whole beans are single origin, high altitude and low acid. Freshly roasted.

What Is It?

Fresh roasted whole beans paired with all-natural Nootropic Focus Sticks. Being neuroscience nerds, we decided to measure the brainwaves after a tall coffee. The findings – not so great. We were alert, but not as focused as we could be. We sought out to improve the coffee experience without impacting the taste. After many iterations, the TruBrain Coffee Kit is here - natural, proven Nootropics to mix in coffee to get you in the flow state. Get sharp, but not shaky.

How Does it Work?

Our Focus Sticks create a great pairing with coffee by smoothing out (buffering) the effect of caffeine. Contains all-natural ingredients L-theanine (from in green tea) and alpha gpc (found in leafy greens). It’s low calorie and won't change the coffee taste. What happens when coffee connoisseurs and neuroscientists get together to create a more focused coffee experience? You get Beans with Brains.

How to take?

Mix 1 Focus Stick per cup of coffee. Stir and enjoy. You can bend the stick in half and pop open the end. Or some prefer scissors to open the sticks.


Made with all natural, plant-based ingredients Theanine (found in green tea) and Citicoline (found in spinach) for the perfect coffee pairing. There are 20 sticks in each box.

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Smart coffee, designed by neuroscientists

Our neuroscientists love coffee. But they found that caffeine is great for alertness, but not great for a productive, focused mindset. So they created a way to improve this.

Be Sharp, Not Shaky

Our neuroscientists found a way to make coffee smarter. By combining high quality coffee beans and brain boosting nootropics, we can provide a rapid boost of focus and long-lasting energy.

How do we know it works?

We validate TruBrain from both third party clinicals and EEG brainwave analysis. The research consensus is that our select nootropics increase alpha brain wave activity, enhance verbal fluency, and improve memory and learning. In addition, at our lab in Los Angeles, CA we validate efficacy with quantitative brainwave data, instead of relying solely on people’s subjective assessments. The main objective we have is to boost high alpha brain waves, which is associated with improved cognitive function.

Say Hello to TruBrain

We’re not magicians. We’re not going to turn you into a rocket scientist. Unless you’re already a rocket scientist. We’re not Big Pharma. Our products are custom made to boost mental output. We empower people to do their best thinking.

Based on 148 reviews

Piper V

Verified Buyer


I gave up coffee at least five years ago, but missed it every day. This coffee doesn't give me a stomach ache, which is a miracle. Tastes good with seeming low acid, but if you like French Roast intensity, this isn’t for you.

Emily J.

Verified Buyer


This is the best coffee that I’ve put into my Ninja coffee maker so that makes up for it. I’ve tried dozens and for some reason they all just have a weird after taste. Trubrain coffee doesn’t even with the added sticks. Sometimes i use those and sometimes i don’t. I do notice on days i use the sticks intheir coffee (or my own different coffee) i tend to “hum along” better with focusing.

Olivia M

Verified Buyer


I work with my husband. He asked me what has gotten into me today, because I am on fire. TruBrain is what has gotten into me! I am astounded by how much of a buzz this product gives me, as I wasn't expecting to notice anything. I am low carbing, but even on reload days I notice the effect. I have chronic migraine that I have been trying to work around for 4 years now. I basically have chronic brain inflammation, and am always fatigued, suffer aphasia, and generally don't get that mental flow and sharpness I used to. I've tried many vitamins but this is the first thing that has really made my brain feel energized.

Benjamin D.

Verified Buyer


I went through a couple years going to my doctor on and off for my severe anxiety and depression, he always ended up giving me a new antidepressant prescription. After giving doctors a try, I decided I should try and find a natural remedy to my already natural depressive and anxious state. TruBrain sounded pretty good. But no, it’s way better than good, it beats the hell out of any prescription. This is the only solution that has aided my sleep, morning grogginess, energy and motivation levels, general well being, has helped me to be more social at work and helps me respond to stress more calmly. Much love for the this company, your product is helping me shape my life, it is a key ingredient to my life’s solutions

Michael T.

Verified Buyer


I love this stuff. It give me abundant energy and focus. I even have less of an appetite. I use this in my coffee and no longer need pre-workout supplement. For the people complaining that it drips slowly out of the stick: get real. Get a real problem to complain about ha.

Sophia B

Verified Buyer


My morning coffee will never be the same again! truBrain’s cool sticks of brain goodies (reminds me of the old time honey sticks at farm stand sales) in my organic coffee has made such a huge difference. Mental clarity and stamina. I use only the sticks as I have my own favorite coffee roaster here in town so I can’t say how their actual coffee is. Hey guys, if you want to send me a free batch I’ll try it! :) 

Joshua C.

Verified Buyer


This seems to help my mother be somewhat less scattered. She's suffering from dementia. As long as she takes this she seems to be much less angry and aggressive. 

Ethan W.

Verified Buyer


I love this brand of coffee and additive. Mainly because it truly is tasteless and gives me more energy. II have two young girls and I have noticed a HUGE difference in how I feel the first half of the day woth just one trubrain stick blended in my coffee. I will eat breakfast as well, usually something with protein and I like a side of oats with agave nectar and I drop in a dab of almond butter.

Ava R.

Verified Buyer


Just one fully drained stick into my mug a day helps with energy & mental sharpness.

Isabella T.

Verified Buyer


I don't know how this stuff does what it does, but it does! When I take this product I feel more focused, my body absorbs food better, leaving me satiated for hours; it allows me to be better focused-I just feel like there's more oxygen going thru my body and making my brain feel less foggy. It's a sensation that is hard to put into words but it gives me clarity to the point where I just feel more alive, able to move thru the day with ease. I feel the difference on days when I don't take it. I don't taste it when I drink coffee but since I am more of a tea drinker it does make my tea taste a bit different so I just make the tea steep longer to compensate. The only thing I would say is if the stick was easier to open without cutting or biting it!

Mason A.

Verified Buyer


However I can definitely tell I have it in my coffee! It provides the mental clarity! I will rebuy for this. Sometimes messy but i’ll let it slide.

Madison L

Verified Buyer


No flavor so you’re drinks will be fine but stick to the portion size. I thought I could use this like my mct oil and so i combine them and that will give you a lot of energy.

Jacob G.

Verified Buyer


I definitely feel like I have more clarity when I take it! One thing that is kind of annoying about the stick is that it dribbles out and gets sucked back in making it a back and forth battle, instead of pouring cleanly. This is kind of frustrating.

Alexander H.

Verified Buyer


Stuff is great, my wife swears it helps her calm and level my one complaint is that they cant fix the darn stick.

Abigail M

Verified Buyer


Have been a TB fan for years. I use it in my coffee every morning. Keeps my hunger in check, less brain fog and it makes my morning coffee a delicious treat!

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