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Zack Jin
Verified Buyer
This stuff works!! I work on my feet 8-10 hours a day and when I feel like I'm started to "drag", I take one of the Extras and it's immediate energy and motivation!! I always keep an Extra in my bag for those lower motivation days and it saves me every time. This stuff is so much better than sugar filled energy drinks. I don't even drink them anymore - TruBrain is all I need.
Ann M.
Verified Buyer
Everyone should try this
Great way to try out the different products/strengths! Great packaging, great product and made me feel confident in deciding to purchase full boxes. Really like the mellow for relaxing at night but getting some thought work done.
Colt Whitcomb
Verified Buyer
This has changed the game for me!
Before TruBrain, I was experiencing a lot of sluggishness and a lack of focus. After I started taking this regularly, I feel alert, awake, and don't have to take frequent naps throughout the day just to stay productive. This has changed the game for me and I'm so grateful to have found this product!
debra g.
Verified Buyer
happy how it feels
I have a very stressful job and experience slight anxiety. I wanted to find a solution to help me relax and release some tension. After hearing a bunch of reviews and positive feedback I decided to give TRU brain a try. Since I started taking it, I feel less high strung. I feel more relaxed and less anxious. I'm so happy I took a chance on trying TRU brain. I'm so happy to feel the way I feel with it.
Randy Butler
Verified Buyer
I love the effect
I tried this product after it caught my attention on one of those paid Instagram advertisements that are usually annoying. I was searching online earlier for new vitamins or anything to boost my mental health and improve my memory. I have tried almost all products in the market since having a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) a few years ago, and continue my search trying to find something that will optimize my brain function. I have been taking the product for four months, and I notice the difference in focus, memory, and speech. This product is excellent. Give it a try.
Verified Buyer
A high quality product that gives you a extra clear mind and a solid one were both hemispheres works in synchronicity. Tried a box once and they were delicious but the quite pricey. In order to sell to more people, it would be necessary to lower your prices. As an overall I would give the nootropic brand Trubrain 10/10 and nothing happened to me after trial besides from feeling extra focused. Remember to drink extra H20 after usage to support your circulatory system and brain.
Savanna M.
Verified Buyer
I liked the opportunity to try different strengths.
I liked the opportunity to try different strengths.
Jenny H.
Verified Buyer
Everyone could benefit from TruBrain
I’ve been taking the think drinks everyday for over 5 years. Now with the ketones every other day and I couldn’t ask for more. Thank You TruBrain team.
Verified Buyer
Repeat Customer For 2+ Years
Excellent product that helps me to be more productive and use my time more effectively.
Fred R.
Verified Buyer
Trubrain has the best credentials
Backed n researched by UCLA neuroscientists, other nootropics out there don’t have these type of credits. Thanks Trubrain
Mike j.
Verified Buyer
added focus and concentration
Love this stuff!!! I really wish I had this when I was in school. Increased focus and wellbeing without jitters or crash hours later. This stuff is great!
Sonja M.
Verified Buyer
Excellent Solution
The kit is an excellent solution for seeing if truBrain is a good option for you. They did a great job with the packaging here and present the packs in a nice guided way. I was able to test all the versions and find which works best for me. I will continue to use this product as it helps me tremendously with mood and getting a good night's sleep. Oh, btw, I continue to order sleep and flow, my faves.
Todd N.
Verified Buyer
TruBrain helps me get into the zone when I have hard thinking to do. I notice its benefit best when I have to really buckle down on a challenging mental project, Not so much getting through emails, and meetings, but when I've got to do research, put together a presentation, or really organize my thoughts on a problem. It's helps me with serious single-tasking. Before TruBrain, I'd procrastinate, or elevate the busywork on my list to avoid the process of just trying to get tuned in and distraction free. With Trubrain in my morning ritual (I have it before my coffee), I find it much easier to simply get going on the tougher assignments in front of me. Almost like the kind of tunnel vision you can get when you are having a really good physical workout.
Shannon Sondelin
Verified Buyer
These drinks work!!!!!
Brain food? Oh yeah! The Collage mind press + a teen (high school struggle) falling a bit behind = Mom on the hunt to find what works! This delicious resolve was just what we needed! Hope it helps many more❤ Thank you Tru Brain ❤
Phil C
Verified Buyer
It surprisedly works
I suffered from really bad short term memory loss. I was forgetful about dates, tasks to do and my girlfriend always got on my case. I decided to give this a shot. I did the 10 pack trial. After the 4th or 5th day I began really noticing the efforts. I was recalling past conversations as if I just had them. I was even able to recite word for word some of the conversation we had even. I also noticed an increase in quicker memory recalling when talking about TV shows or even catching up with old friends, talking about past experiences. The taste is not good I will admit but I think anything that is good for you shouldn't taste amazing. With good diet, good sleep, this supplement really will step up your game and allow you to be 101%.
Johanna Wia
Verified Buyer
These are really tasty,
Tasty, not too sweet, and have a nice texture. I like that it’s chewy but not sticky so you’re not digging it out of your teeth forever like some other nutrition bars I’ve tried. The nutritional qualities are a great balance , a really good mix of fat, protein, and carbs. It also really does what it claims, which is to help you get over that mid-day slump and FOCUS.
Chelsea C.
Verified Buyer
The bar to beat
Out of all the bars I’ve tried, truBrain’s is the beat. It’s sweet but doesn’t taste too sugary or fake. The chocolate gives it a great texture. I feel so good when I eat these nootropic bars. I feel I was able to focus, and I was really productive. They’re fantastic. Well done!
Benito J
Verified Buyer
perfect afternoon pick me up
Trubrain Bars are the perfect afternoon or evening pick me up for when you are losing focus but have to keep working. My work is often very monotonous and boring and it's easy to get distracted-but a these bars help me regain my concentration without the subsequent crash that other energy bars/drinks usually cause. Also, they are delicious. They only have one flavor, so it’s good that it’s a tasty one. They don't leave you with a funky or chalky after taste. They taste like legit chocolate, plus I lost 6 pounds without really trying by just grabbing a trubrain’s bar instead of the desert or pepsi that I'd usually look for when hunting for a jolt of energy.
annemarie d
Verified Buyer
very yummy and filling bars.
Sans bad aftertaste. Taste is very subtle and pleasant not like many bars I have tried with low sugars. Definitely worth every penny! Whole point is getting you in the zone and it seems to really do that. I will buy again.
Christian S
Verified Buyer
Really good.
No weird aftertaste just nice and chocolatey. Gives sustained energy
Colin Walsh
Verified Buyer
I was hesitant to try these bars when..
I was hesitant to try these bars when a friend recommended them. I’m not a huge fan of food bars because they tend to give me stomach upset. Boy am I glad that I tried these! They are delicious and made me feel great and energized. I keep them in my desk at work. Also, the ingredients are so clean that I feel good giving them to my children. Great product thanks!
Haylee Venzisa
Verified Buyer
They work!
They are very chocolately and delicious, and perk me up just enough to make me feel awake and focused, but not jittery or sweaty like coffee does. I first saw this product on rogan, and I was really impressed by the scientists that started the company, and I wanted to give it a try. I'm happy I purchased a box, and I will purchase more in the future. I don't take the bars every day, just occasionally when I feel they will help me with a task or to get through a lesson when I'm feeling sleepy.
Neil B..
Verified Buyer
Packs a punch!
And tastes great! And a great value. Highly recommended!
Vidal R.
Verified Buyer
Surprised to find that you do feel more awake and have more energy for at least a half-hour on taking a bar. The flavor is very good. Pls make more flavors?
Kristen Hiiste
Verified Buyer
Longer effect than coffee
I really like the product seems to have a longer lasting effect than drinking coffee or energy drinks, I will be buying more for sure, love the company story as well keep going.
Tara N.
Verified Buyer
Post-editor approved
It worked as advertised, and I used it as a pick me up for afternoon early evening post-editing work that went into the evening, that went into the night.
Verified Buyer
These bars are magic!
I need that extra push in the AM but have grown sick of tea and am very sensitive to coffee - a cup will often give me a headache / make me shaky. I tried these bars and I think I finally understand why people love their morning coffee so much. Trubrains formula seem to work magic with me - don’t make me shaky yet give me that extra energy without the comedown. I’m a huge fan.
Jon N.
Verified Buyer
I used this product for focus durning...
I used this product for focus durning the day or during a workout. It works well, there is not too much caffeine to make you jittery! It’s the prefect amount to boost your brain without putting it into overdrive!
Jesse D
Verified Buyer
Good boost without jitters
These offer a great boost without any jitters.
Verified Buyer
NO mid afternoon crash
These bars are just the mild pick up I need in the afternoon
Devin Lockley
Verified Buyer
I really love these nootropics
Basically I absolutely love these and will buy more. I feel more focused and like beast brain is on. No side affects jitters. Has a fishy smell and taste but nothing unbearable. Thanks
Carson D
Verified Buyer
Great Product
Within three days noticed a change! Great product
Alex F.
Verified Buyer
Original and best
This stuff has a great deal of different and top notch ingredients, but it has one extreme difference that sets it dramatically above that; these ingredients are virtually all in the amounts that one would expect when purchasing each one separately. It’s pretty impressive. I did like the horsepower I felt. I can definitely say that taking something for hydration with these is a good idea because, I found myself constantly thirsty the first 2 days, then I took an electrolyte dropper into my water and the next time and it was much better. I hope this helps and stay healthy Everyone!
Rick Reldert
Verified Buyer
Would be 5 but price
This supplement would be a 5 if it wasn't for the price It's unfortunately the reality of things as there is (to me, at least) very high quality and number of ingredients in this supplement. This obviously costs more to produce and therefore costs the consumer more to purchase. If you have the money, five stars. Great supplement. Simply too expensive.
Jeff Richmond
Verified Buyer
Highly recommend
I am currently in med school so Trubrain is an awesome alternative to drinking copious amounts of coffee which is what I normally do to obtain energy. TThey provide a long jolt of energy (nothing too crazy) that help me get through the day. I would highly recommend to someone who, like me, needs a little bit of pep in their step but doesn't want to drink too much coffee because of the intense caffeine intake or acidity. I also love the packaging of this product and real scientists on the team
reanna sanger
Verified Buyer
non-caffeinated alternative to beverages
I am allergic to coffee, and black tea also tends to make me sick. But with chronic fatigue syndrome I am desperate for something to perk me up and give me energy and mental clarity at work. These are absorbed quickly, and seem to do the trick for energy. I doesn't give me shakes or insomnia. I can always take more if I wish. And the ingredients are great without all the sugar and artificial crap of energy drinks. Not cheap tho
Karissa P
Verified Buyer
Always been a fan
I have been taking this almost every work day for at least 2 years. Great product. Highly recommend it.
Jackson K
Verified Buyer
This is really great stuff
I take two a day with fish oil and coffee and feel much, much better than coffee alone. Highly recommend.
Verified Buyer
Two thumbs up!
After ordering several nootropics throughout the last year, I've found a few that are my “go to”. This is one of them. Solid product, and very good experience dealing with this company service.
Patrick Hutchinson
Verified Buyer
The best supplement
Best I've tried. High quality formulas, great bottle design and fast shipping . Highly recommended!
Jean Tan
Verified Buyer
Reduces and eliminates jitteriness
High caffeine doses give me major jitteriness. TRUbrain keeps you extremely alert without feeling like bouncing off the walls. Also great on it's own. I utilized this prior to going to large events and family gatherings (now on zoom hah) and it worked wonders regulating anxious feelings and allowing me to enjoy myself. Highly recommended.
Amber s
Verified Buyer
Before I purchased this product.
I read it helps with focus and memory as well. I’m studying for an advanced technical certification. I was really hoping this product would help me focus and it has helped with the grind :). Maybe it’s all mental or placebo. I guess I’ll never know lolz. .I take with a cup of coffee every morning.
Royce F
Verified Buyer
Great calm & not cheap
I really like this supplement as it gives me a calm yet alert state of mind throughout the day. It practically eliminates any brain fog I may feel and gives me a smoothform of energy and focus for many hours on end!
William S
Verified Buyer
Very poor ship time to AUS
I needed to restock in the midst of doing my med school applications to the states and the post took over 3 weeks time to reach Australia ! Team was nice about it, but still for the love of god.
Donny With Love
Verified Buyer
You are the best
Your product is very special
Ross Statsk
Verified Buyer
Product works as advertised
I have used this product for more than four weeks. I am 35 years old, compete in tough murder and i ran track in college. As a result, my body was a bit worn out to say the least. At times I felt my short term memory and overall energy groggy at best. I was a hard-core Coffee and caffeine drinker to boot. I thought this was going to be a good fit for me to see if it could do something. I took it roughly 4 weeks to see a noticeable and worthwhile change. It worked tremendously. At around two weeks or so into taking the product, my memory felt sharper in my overall energy began to rise. Only funny part was very colorful and memorable dreams. Don’t know why exactly. At the approximate four week mark, I felt healthier and had lasting energy that went into the evening hours. I didn’t have evening drop off or afternoon lull. To add, now that I am at the 6 week mark, I know I will continue to use this product going forward. This product is as advertised as long as you give it the time to work. I really hope this product represents the start of a new turn in the health industry that helps people of all ages live a better, happier, and healthier lifestyle.
Madeline G
Verified Buyer
This supplement is simply fantastic.
I am a certified nutritionist and nurse practitioner, so I don’t just take anything that I “think” might be good for me. Over the last 10 years I have tried many things to improve my overall health and after doing months of research, I decided to give NAD a try. I looked at several companies but this brand stood out due to their dedication to research, great reviews from trusted sources and always seeming to be on the forefront of science with all of their products. The research on clockwise/TRUbrain speaks for itself but I personally have noticed a considerable difference when taking this in my energy levels, ability to focus and just a sense of overall well being. I’ve used a lot of great products throughout the years and this one is at the very top of the list.
Lizette Margusqa
Verified Buyer
5.0 out of 5 stars
I have taken Trubrain Clockwise for 6 months. My muscle soreness is basically gone and my hair is slowly returning to its original color. I’ll take less gray any day.
Curtis C.
Verified Buyer
This product has made a difference to me in several...
This product has made a difference to me in several ways. First, it has given me a clear mind. I feel very alert. Second, I have more energy than before, and I am 71, almost 72!
Verified Buyer
Less recovery time
I am 68 and this stuff gives me more energy in my workouts and less recovery time when I over do it. Improves my focus and stamina at my job. I am less tired after my 3 mile runs. Read up on the studies and trials-this is the real deal!
Hailee Solvig
Verified Buyer
Big thank you!
I have been taking this routinely in the morning and already within the first week I have noticed some amazing results. My brain function has majorly increased, leaving me with an endurance I haven't felt in years. Along with this, my moods feel vastly more stable! And this is coming from someone with crippling anxiety that comes and goes in waves. As for a tell tale sign for my body, I notice that even before my morning coffee, I already feel ready to tackle the day just a little while after taking this pill in the morning. Amazing. I will continue purchasing and taking this supplement for many years to come. Big thank you!
Warner Stedz
Verified Buyer
Started 4 months ago.
I feel it is helping with my high intensity interval training recovery. No side effects. Will keep taking this in my routine and monitoring results. I admit it can be challenging to isolate what may be helping with your health. However, I add or take away one supplement at a time and I do associate NAD+ with improved recovery over time.
juan c
Verified Buyer
so far, so good
Seems to be a great product . about a week ago i started using this so i should update everyone later on the effectiveness. Product packaging is clean and nice and it arrived early . So far ,I have noticed an increase in energy and I’m looking forward to seeing how these help after using for a month.
Dalia Puldere
Verified Buyer
Pleasantly surprised by this product...
Pleasantly surprised by this product. It took a little over a month to work, but I started noticing a bit more energy recently. I'm also taking other products, one of which is collagen which could also be a factor in the energy boost, along with other natural supplements and exercise and diet. But I'm overall satisfied with the products from trubrain.
Terrence V
Verified Buyer
Expensive, but worth it.
I feel younger and clearer minded than I ever have in my life. I feel like my healthy lifestyle efforts are exponentially enhanced with this. Part of my creative routine along with my magnesium threonate.
Verified Buyer
Cause or Correlation?
I don’t know and I don’t care but I am guessing it is not a coincidence that since I started taking Clockwise I have more energy (working out sometimes twice a day), lost around 15 pounds (must have been all fat), started sleeping better and overall feel healthier. I’ve also stopped drinking alcohol, not sure why but I just don’t. That could be an answer there ha ha. Either way, it all works as a system and i’m loving that system!
Joy Thomas
Verified Buyer
Simple - I love this product and feel the benefits.
Neil Glarsk
Verified Buyer
Part of an approach
Clockwise is part of my plan of attack to have solid energy for as long as I am healthy and active. At 74 I think more about that sort of thing than someone younger. However, I climb a mountain every week so who knows maybe trubrain has something to do with me being able to do that.
Paxton C
Verified Buyer
more like a vitamin
To met his is more like a vitamin-lik effect where I don’t feel any big difference but I just take it anyway b/c it cant hurt.
Verified Buyer
I think of this being a long-term investment...
I think of this as being a long-term investment in my core health. I live in Palm Beach and i’m 58 years old. This has sound science behind it. Sure, the immediate noticeable effects may be subtle (if at all). But that's not what I'm after. What I'm after is a vigorous, healthy, bouncy, and energetic me into my “sunset years” in sunny Florida!
Piper V
Verified Buyer
I gave up coffee at least five years ago, but missed it every day. This coffee doesn't give me a stomach ache, which is a miracle. Tastes good with seeming low acid, but if you like French Roast intensity, this isn’t for you.
Donny With Love
Verified Buyer
You are the best
This is the best coffee that I’ve put into my Ninja coffee maker so that makes up for it. I’ve tried dozens and for some reason they all just have a weird after taste. Trubrain coffee doesn’t even with the added sticks. Sometimes i use those and sometimes i don’t. I do notice on days i use the sticks intheir coffee (or my own different coffee) i tend to “hum along” better with focusing.
Rich M
Verified Buyer
Best option for exogenous ketones
This product is an awesome source of potassium and sodium as electrolytes will help prevent the keto flu and are essential to keeping electrolyte deficiency at bay. The ketones also provide a nice pick me up and I've taken to using them in the afternoon pre-workout as a coffee alternative that won't keep me up at night. The taste is excellent - they only have one flavor, but I don’t get tired of chocolate and it’s not really about flavors. Trubrain ketones do elevate my blood ketone levels by about 0.2-0.5 mmol/L for an hour or so after consuming, before returning to my baseline. I find that bump really useful for powering through tough workouts. I don't use them to get into ketosis once I'm out - I find they prolong the amount of time it takes to actually get into real ketosis (as in, sustaining above 0.5mmol/L first thing upon waking). But I do use them as a great supplement once I'm in ketosis.
Ted C.
Verified Buyer
Found from podcast and love it
I heard about ketone esters from podcasts with Peter Attia, Dominic D'Agostino and some others. The ester product is more "concentrated" than salt products. Ramp up time is difficult to write about until you experience as these ketones do not take any time to ramp up in my system. Typically with salts I get the full effect in about 30 minutes. With the esters it's more like 5 mins. They seem to take effect immediately. Bottom line you'll be able to tell within 5 minutes that you took it.
Sibil Q
Verified Buyer
I love this product!
I've been taking truBrain’s ketones for about 6 months now and I don't know how I got along without it before. I lost weight and have kept it off - a little over 8 lbs, I'm 5'6" and now weigh 140. I generally follow a keto diet with low carb, high fat, and moderate protein, plus I intermittent fast. I take my this in the morning while I'm fasting and it provides that little extra mental and physical boost via higher ketones to get the day going and I'll also take it before I work out. It's not a burst of “energy” or jittery feeling - actually the opposite. It's calm sustained, almost “foundational” energy and feeling like I can do more with less. My mood is better overall and I just absolutely love this product. Thank you truBrain!
Maureen Dehra
Verified Buyer
Amazing Product!
Amazing product! Not only does it stem my (sometimes extreme) hunger during 16&8s fasting, it also boosted my mood, focus, and energy level. I felt like my brain was operating more efficiently with a great amount of clarity. I tested my ketone levels before, during, and after using truBrain’s ketones. It would usually boost me between 1-1.5 mmols above my steady state level.
Verified Buyer
Taste is a little funky but SO worth it
I am pre diabetic and have a really hard time losing weight even though I eat very low carb and really clean overall. I also run and mountain bike consistently here in Colorado. despite all of this, weight loss is still really hard. this product has helped me so much! It helped me lose weight so so SO much easier and I feel confident I how I look now. To those reading, to be fair, I don’t know if this is even FOR weight loss, but it someone does it maybe through fitness benefit overall. Overall awesome product and I would recommend!
allen jaldridge
Verified Buyer
stuff really works
My main goal was to find a way to have stable energy at my job...stamina without crashing halfway through when it gets hard My job is very very strenuous and requires tons of heavy lifting and walking throughout a huge plant to supervise, collect and analyze data. I make a big shake of this (thanks for the scooper) in a nalgene bottle and just drink about ⅕ of the nalgene each time I circle back to my desk. It creates a fueling cycle that helps me get through the rounds.
Samara R.
Verified Buyer
Great results with this!
I am usually pretty sensitive to things like caffeine for example so I started with a half scoop and gradually have increased. With that, I noticed I slept better at night on the days I take it first thing in the morning. Lately I have switched to two scoops one in the morning and one around 2pm. I really felt great all day. Very focused non-jittery energy and productive. I have friends now onto trubrain’s product they are experiencing amazing results as well. Wisht hey had just more than chocolate but so happy to have found this product!
Ray G.
Verified Buyer
Expensive but worth it.
I feel younger and clearer minded than I ever have in last 10 or maybe 15 years. Sports and the gym don’t lie...they know where you are at.
Lyle Tua
Verified Buyer
Data tells the story
Not only can you really feel it working, but I measure it on my Ketone Meter and saw a huge spike in my blood ketone levels. Didn’t even need to measure every time after that I know it’s legit.
Verified Buyer
These work.
I quickly noticed better endurance and helped me into ketosis quickly. My workouts were better and that helped me lean out faster. I would recommend it.
Gus Rhanner
Verified Buyer
You are the best
I love this for the peloton bike rides but my wife is using the Ketone Ester for cognitive decline. She takes 1 scoop, twice per day on an empty stomach. I have noticed definite improvement in her mental abilities since starting this trubrain keonte ester. We also eat a low carb diet, but the ketones really help us stay on track.
Verified Buyer
tastes awful
works like magic
Karl M.
Verified Buyer
Huge energy!
Love the product, but not the chocolate flavor! But worth it in the long run for the performance.
Jaime b
Verified Buyer
Use in coffee
This is the ideal keto kick start in your morning coffee (or alongside it). If you want to start your keto right off the bat, do that.
Verified Buyer
First discovered them a year ago while visiting a friend in CA. I ordered 3 boxes when I went home to NY and have tried every formula. I love that I can mix and match them when I need.
Verified Buyer
Love the BYOB
Every item I selected in the BYOB has been great! I love that there are so many options. Thanks!
Verified Buyer
A welcome addition to my mornings
Tried multiple other products. These hit the spot. Yes, they have helped me. Yes, it really works for me. Yes, it sharpens my day and mood. My favorites are the Extra and Boost. I also really like TruBrain's transparent approach to the science.
Verified Buyer
Buy it now!
These drinks are everything! The sleep ones help me sleep and the flow one puts me in a better mood. I’m more focused now and they taste great! Love how the ingredients are all natural. Highly recommend!
Verified Buyer
Works well for several hours
I've used TruBrain to study and to read in general instead of coffee sometimes and it's a very nice change, coffee works for me but it takes a good bit for it to do the job. I can keep the boost and extra in my backpack and get in the zone like that. Just like coffee you can feel it more on an empty stomach.
Verified Buyer
LOVE that there are different formulas
I am just getting into nootropics and fell in love with TruBrain. Their packets are cool looking and the thing I like best is the ability to customize my box. I like to mix a few of the green drinks with some of the blue drinks. But then when I have something important coming up, I switch to a box with the red ones. You guys are the best!
Verified Buyer
Bonus! We get to pick our own drinks!
This pick your own box is the best deal! I get to try all sorts of new things and they are all the ones I want to try!! What a great value, I love being able to switch!
Verified Buyer
Love that I can customize a box
I recently purchased 2 build your own boxes. The boxes are an excellent value for what you get - this way I get enough drinks to last me the month. While everything I ordered I enjoy using, my personal favorites are the Blue NonCaff and the Green Flow drinks (I have mild sensitivity to caffeine so these help me focus without it) and the Sleep drink of course.
Verified Buyer
You are the best
Yes!! Works very well! Didn't realize how much of a difference TruBrain made until I stopped using it. I definitely recommend it.
Verified Buyer
Building my own variety pack
Really liked the idea of being able to choose the 4 drinks I wanted to try instead of just going with the recommendation. Very happy with my purchase and I definitely plan to subscribe in the future.
Verified Buyer
Building a box allowed me to personalize what drinks would be best for my husband. He suffers with memory loss and other issues from a TBI and we were able to try the different options and find the one that works best for him. Thank you truBrain!
Verified Buyer
Did not disappoint
Doesn't give me the jitters like most nootropic supplements I've tried, doesn't make me feel over amped either. And it actually worked to give me focus, something I only usually get from a prescription. These drinks work exactly as described. Happy I decided to finally try it out and get the variety pack!
Verified Buyer
Unlike any memory supplement I've tried
I ordered the TruBrain variety box with hopes it would help to remove a mental fog I had been experiencing for awhile. I'm about two and a half weeks into it and I'm completely blown away by the results. I've noticed I've picked up on the learning curve at my new job, I'm remembering names where as before they would go through one ear and out the other. My ability to focus is better than it's ever been. Give it about a week and you will definitely see results.
Verified Buyer
Very happy
I'm familiar with the product line but ended up picking two varieties, flow and extra. I tried them at the recommendation of your team, and I am VERY pleased.
Verified Buyer
Really good drinks
Tried all of these drinks as a sample in my build your own box. I thought the flow drink was very good and added it to my next box.
rex dehu
Verified Buyer
Not magic but darn close
First of all, keep in mind that I make sure i get enough sleep, exercise 5-6 times per week with some resistance training and some HIIT work, I eat keto/Paleo. So, Trubrain has been a very positive addition to my overall quality of life. The effect is more significant than other nootropics i tried, with noticeably, a more positive attitude towards everything and everyone, a higher drive for the tasks i undertake. It's not a magic pill that would stop poor focus - nothing weill, but it does help in getting more involved, perhaps more clear and channeled properly in the project at hand. As for the long term effects, I cannot comment yet.
Melvin G.
Verified Buyer
I've always been sceptic about anything...
I've been always a sceptic about anything that goes into the body to enhance mood, energy, focus, and the like. but I heard about TRUbrain on Joe rogan podcast and I wanted to try. Best decision ever! Rogan nailed it in his description. It really does things.
Micaela C.
Verified Buyer
I love this mix.
I blend it with oat milk, ice and a frozen banana and its so delicious! Not sure I feel more focused, per say, but I sure enjoy something about the effects.
Colleen P.
Verified Buyer
Helps. Works.
It's my favorite part of the day. Really helps with brain fog. For me it works. Pack is sometimes an annoyance with opening and mixing takes a lot of stirring idk
Verified Buyer
Afternoon fix
The brain food drink mix really hits the spot in the afternoon when I need to buckle down to finish out the workday. I now use this and mushroom coffee, which i love.
Molly Solonzel
Verified Buyer
Add to greens
I loved the flavor, I added it to my green drink. It tastes very good! As for the brain clarity, the jury is still out. I swear I would drink for the taste alone!
Ashleigh F
Verified Buyer
I had this earlier today in the middle...
I had this earlier today in the middle of my workday at the production facility. I'm pleased to report that this powder drink is not bad tasting. There's a bit of an aftertaste but nothing on the level of medicine-y. This was added to water and vigorously shaken to mix. Makes me sizzle along at work. Good product.
Harper Robinson
Verified Buyer
Good for new job
I started a new job that is more task orientated and intensive and I needed to be able to catch up on our current processes as well as master them as quickly as possible. I'm new to taking truBrain - and I was a little skeptical about some of the affects and benefits, so I started with a half stick in about 10 oz's of water and results were immediate and amazing. I was able to focus so much more intently and I literally felt like my brain responded more quickly. I already take several supplement products and I was concerned that this wouldn't "stack" well - but I didn't feel any negative side effects whatsoever. I had energy but didn't feel jittery, there was no crash and I felt like the mix kept me sustained throughout the day. I really like how all the products jive together without being overwhelming and this is something I'll definitely keep on my desk for days when a little more focus matters.
Brandon K
Verified Buyer
In the ZONE
I usually take it first thing in the morning along with multi vitamins and creatine. Onset is quick and the product is very potent and it is definitely more "cerebral" Typically I’m too ramped up'd and scattered to really sit down and focus on work. I would procrastinate and just generally be too impulsive to get what I needed to done. With this and their boost drink also, which i think is the same thing, is a calm and focused energy. I sat at my computer the first day at this dosage and just got in "zone" for over 10 hours. Time blows by and tasks just keep getting checked off. Complete game changer.
Christopher C.
Verified Buyer
I'm majorly skeptical
I’m a skeptic of nearly everything these days. I'm a father of 3 finishing my Masters while in the process of moving, looking for a new job, and trying to prep for Grad School. All the while getting my old house fixed up to sell. Needless to say, I have a lot to do in a short amount of time, every day. I regularly consume400-500mg of caffeine daily (slow days is usually only 300mg), but that only keeps me from sleeping: it doesn't help me focus. This stuff, powdered trubrain, fills in the gap. It really does improve focus and concentration, and it's also a bit mood boosting, too. Personally, I don't care for the taste at all, and that's the only downside to it as I see it. A lot of people have said they love it and hey, to each their own. To me, the flavor could use a little rework. I have tried it just in bottled water, and it's tolerable. I have discovered, though, that I prefer it mixed into a bottle of Body Armor, and the B vitamins and electrolytes in the BA really make it the perfect supplement. Overall, I gotta say, I can't recommend it enough: it *does* work, and there's no crash or after effects. 10/10 will buy again.
Mel Stern
Verified Buyer
A More Natural Way
I have always struggled with ADHD but I am not a fan of prescribed medications, so I always look for ways to do things a more natural way. A few things I have always struggled with was reading comprehension, attention and even being able to follow along in a conversation with an individual or a group. I came across this product and read some reviews and just thought it was worth a try. I purchased the these powder packets b/c it was cheaper than their other products with similar formulas and started taking it. Now I know I’ve bought a lot of products that always say it takes 30+ days to notice the changes and to me by that time, even if the product does not work, the companies do not care because they already have your money. That’s all they have to do is to trick you long enough for the money to come in and you’ve used all the product by then and you’re left with nothing as a consumer. Anyways, after taking this on day two, I was able to follow along in conversations, I was reading and able to actually understand what it was I was reading. I was asking questions and feeling more confident in my thinking. I truly feel like this product helped me when I was able to take it. This is a product that I truly feel like I want to give feedback on, because it really has helped me over come some of my inabilities that have cause insecurities.
Isaac g
Verified Buyer
Bought this on my journey
I bought this on my journey to discover neutropics so I wouldn't have to take ten pills a day just to have energy. It did its job good. it is very palatable. its tangy and sweet ish not too sweet. I mix it will half a bottle of water which is too little really but i like to just put it down quickly so I don't forget about it and waste my dose. It does give you energy to get through the day like it claims. I'm very excited to try their other new things
sienna day
Verified Buyer
works but annoying pack
It works like their others but you “get what you pay for” in trying to save some $$ from their drink shots these packs sometimes clump up and don’t mix easily have ot shake the hell out of it. Had to have a replacement send from their customer service rep
Tia G.
Verified Buyer
Back to these packs.
I took these packs for over a year in 2018/19 and experienced measurable upliftment to my mood, energy and brain power. Then 2020 happened and I took a break for many months. I've been back on for about two weeks and what a difference! The fog has lifted and I feel great again!
Josina C
Verified Buyer
Changed my sleep and life
I use trubrain sleep to manage pain and help with sleep literally every day. These have changed my life so much.
Colby A.
Verified Buyer
I haven't slept this well in...
I’ve haven't slept this well in at least 10 years. I usually sleep for 2 hours at a time.
Darcey Stone
Verified Buyer
LOVE your product!
I love your product and take the sleep and non-caffeine light blue drinks regularly. More importantly, my 74 year old Mom uses them and gets so much benefit from them. Thank you TRUBRAIN!
Dillan j.
Verified Buyer
TRUBrain sleep very helpful for me
This is really helpful for me to sleep each night t's super light and doesn't make me groggy the next day. Really happy I found you guys. Want to try some of the others stuff too but sleep was by far most important for me.
barry schwartz
Verified Buyer
Clear-headed my best compliment
I took truBRAIN’s sleep and felt a lovely warm blanket feeling, and fell asleep soon after. I woke up in the morning clear-headed after a good night’s sleep. I started with their kit of drinks and immediately knew i had to give this one a go for the month
Gwen L.
Verified Buyer
You are the best
Better sleep and barely any headaches that I used to get all the time. Lifesavers, truly... trubrain!
Verified Buyer
You are the best
I have trouble sleeping after a long stressful day. This drink has helped me fall asleep and wake up well rested.
Elliot M.
Verified Buyer
Sleep has literally saved me.
Better sleep and barely any headaches that I used to get all the time. Lifesavers, truly truBrain!
Sascha Ninem
Verified Buyer
I get the required amount of sleep on thisI get the required amount of sleep on this
The packaging is eco friendly which i really love. My sleep tracker proves I get the required amount of deep sleep on this.
jeff richmond
Verified Buyer
big fan of your product
I have sleep and track my REM and deep sleep - both have been drastically improved by your product. I also use the keto product and brud you have which are also cool but this has been the best offering you have released yet. Thank you neuroscientists!
Leanna Mokrun
Verified Buyer
Sleeping like a baby again
This drink has helped me take back my zzz’s and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve been able to fall asleep quickly and for the most part stay asleep all night
Catherine Wie
Verified Buyer
Better than other melatonin supplements
I’ve tried other melatonin products in the past to help me fall asleep and they’ve worked pretty decently for the most part. TRUbrain sleep surprised me in that it’s also a very tasty drink on its own and it had me sleepy within a half hour of drinking one. Helped me sleep better, will definitely order more I'm actually amazed by this product and how much it helps me sleep. I've tried a lot of different sleep aids but this is impressive! Not to mention, it taste good!
Maureen Pisquiri
Verified Buyer
I’ve been having sleeping problems for...
I’ve been having sleeping problems for a year. I like to try all products that truBrain comes out with because I love their brand and company. Tried to refrain myself from depending on melatonin so tried all kinds of ways . Pillow mist , spa music , dim lights , melatonin dosage up to 10 mg. Till I found out that truBrain came out with a sleep version of their lineup. Tastes like berry and it kicks in less than an hour. So I usually prep myself , take it before I take a shower or getting ready for bed . Works rlly well !
Ignacio R
Verified Buyer
Hands down the best sleep supplement.
I don't know if it's because it is in a drink form but it beats all similar products with similar ingredients in pill form. This past year was very stressful for me and I had a lot of anxiety and consequently problems with sleep, both falling and staying asleep. I tried some other sleep supplements but none of them worked well enough, so I decided to give this a try because it had good reviews and it was a drink like their others which I know work. I take it every night about 20 minutes before I go to bed. It really helps me relax and fall asleep. And the best part is I stay asleep until morning. I highly recommend it and have already purchased a box of 30 just of these.
Penny Kai
Verified Buyer
I love this product
It usually takes me a while to sleep. Took this and it doesn't make me feel super tired but it makes me feel relaxed enough to lay in bed and fall asleep. It doesn't make me feel drowsy or groggy in the morning which I love. The taste is actually yummy. I take it right before I brush my teeth, fill up my humidifier, then go off to dreamland!