Are you new to neuropeptides?

Chances are you’ve never heard the word. That’s alright, there’s no vocabulary tests. Yet. At TruBrain we think it’s time people knew of neuropeptides. Working with Dr. Andrew Hill and a team of UCLA-trained neuroscientists, we have studied the brainwaves of high achievers. And identified the nootropics (neuropeptides) that optimize brain performance.

Supports the biology of neural pathways
(i.e thinking!)

Made with potent all-natural active amino acids

Nutrient support for productivity and verbal fluency

Formula created based on client neurotech data

Flavored with all natural blue agave and monk fruit




Superior Absorption

Made in California

All Natural Flavorings

Sustainable Solutions

Active Nootropics

Oxiracetam + Piracetam + Noopept

800mg / 1000mg / 12mg

These two do the heavy lifting to promote the biology of focus. They combine together to directly support neural pathways--causing neurons to fire faster and longer. These active nootropics combine to produce the most elegant and graceful solution to focus and productivity on the market.

  • + focus
  • + concentration

Caffeine + L-Theanine

80mg / 160mg

The synergistic connection between L-Theanine and caffeine is well-known. L-Theanine was originally paired with caffeine by nature, in the form of green tea leaves. The combination produces a sense of clear focus and relaxation.

  • + alertness
  • + synergy

Uridine + Centrophenoxine

500mg / 250mg

The natural compound Uridine helps in the production of RNA. The process of storing memories in the brain requires large amounts of RNA. Centrophenoxine is similar to Citicoline with better absorption.

  • + cognition
  • + memory


Magnesium + Tyrosine

200mg / 350mg

Magnesium is often deficient in modern diets. Besides the many benefits Mg has throughout the body, it plays an important role in the brain and has been known to help reduce stress. Tyrosine is an essential amino acid that is needed for the production of neurotransmitters.

  • + stress reduction
  • + vigilance

Carnitine + Citicoline

500mg / 250mg

When neurons fire faster and longer, they metabolize raw materials specific to the brain. Two of these raw materials are carnitine and citicoline. Citicoline is a raw material specific to the brain and carnitine is an antioxidant found in almost every cell in the body.

  • + neural energy
  • + mood

For Taste

Monk Fruit


Nopal Cactus

Natural Cane Sugar

Blue Agave

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