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Ammo for Aging

Enzymes proven to fight the effects of aging. Found in nature and validated by science.

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How it Works

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Where's the Proof?

This one's simple - it’s blood, science & facts. Clockwise ingredients are proven to raise NAD by 60% in clinical trials. 📈

Meet Clockwise

How it Works

NAD is a coenzyme in every living cell in our bodies.

  • NAD fuels our cell’s “battery” - the mitochondria.
  • NAD levels decline with age and stress, leaving our cells with less power in the batteries.
  • Clockwise nudges your body to produce more NAD naturally to bridge the gap from age and stress (want a revised birth certificate from us?)

How it works


How to Take

Clockwise is the one daily supplement your cells need to maintain the highest NAD levels possible.

  • It’s the old “take 2 capsules in the morning, with or without food”
  • Sorry to be boring - Clockwise nudges your NAD level most when you control stress, workout, and get your Zs.
  • Be more like Benjamin Button [emoji]

How to Take


How to Measure

Curious to know if Clockwise really works?

  • This one’s not for the squeamish - a simple blood analysis will provide evidence of increased NAD levels. The average X year old has NAD levels between Y-Z; see how you stack up!
  • Here for you - happy to help point you to your local testing facility to measure your NAD levels before and after taking Clockwise.
  • Hold us to our word - confirm Clockwise works within days of taking your first dose.

How to Measure

Let's Measure

What's in it?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) - 250 mg
NMN is an entirely natural and found in our bodies. It is found in trace amounts in food sources such as edamame, broccoli, avocados and tomatoes. NMN serves as a ‘natural nudge’ to increase your own production of NAD.
Pterostilbene - 50 mg
A bioactive antioxidant, micro amounts of which are found in almonds and blueberries.
Turmeric - 100 mg
Turmeric is a botanical used by traditional medicine for treating inflammation and stress response. Our turmeric is sustainably farmed in Peru.

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