Science Behind Ketosis

Commonly Asked Questions about Ketones

Here's 6 of the most commonly asked questions regarding ketones 


What are ketones?

Ketones are the most efficient energy source that the body produces - good news is that it’s frictionless energy and incredible for athletics - bad news is that it’s elusive and stubborn to activate within the body in our stressful carb-heavy lifestyle.

How do ketones work?

Ketones allow your body to return to its most natural state of digestion. Normally, the body relies on carbohydrates or sugar (whatever you have recently consumed) for energy during a workout. These are quick-burning and require a constant need causing cyclic energy swings. However, once these resources are used, the body adapts to creating energy from protein and fat (ketogenic state). Ketones provide athletes this “ketogenic state” of constant energy without the need for sacrificing their normal diets.

Are ketones safe?

The body normally maintains a ketone level of 0-0.6 mmol/L without any dietary adjustment. The Stoke ketone will nudge your natural production to a level of 1-1.5mmol/L. A ketone level of 1-1.5 mmol/L causes no side effects and is natural for the human body’s digestion.

How do we know it works scientifically?

With new technological breakthroughs, you are now able to test ketone levels easily through blood and breath analysis. Without ketones or a keto diet, the body’s normal ketone level rests below 0.6 mmol/L. The Stoke ketone will stoke your natural production to a level between 1-1.5 mmol/L within an hour and persist at this level for about 4 hours.

How do we know it works for athletes?

During time trial testing, Ketone esters allowed cyclists to go over 400m further in a 30 minute time trial. This is a product of Stoke providing the athletes with a consistent energy source without the need to refuel.

Why should I take exogenous ketones instead of fasting or a diet?

While you can achieve high Ketone levels (3, 4 or 5 on our scale) by adhering to a strict, disciplined routine of fasting, athletics, and diet changes, our Ketone drinks are a safe, easy, and natural way to nudge your own production of Ketones to complement this process.