How to test for ketosis

Urine Test

Urine testing is the cheapest and easies way to check that your body is headed into ketosis. These tests measure for acetoacetate in your urine which is produced when there is an excess amount of ketones in your body. The concept to note here is that the urine test will only work at the beginning of entering ketosis. If you are already in a consistent state of ketosis, there is no excess ketones as your body is using them, therefore no results in a urine test.


1. Pee on stick

2. Wait 45-60 seconds

3. Compare results to packaging

Tips: Cheap, easy to use, only works in beginning of ketosis


Blood Test

Testing levels of ketones by looking at amounts of beta-hydroxybutyrate may be accomplished by sampling the blood. This can be done easily at home the same way individuals with diabetes check their blood glucose. Unlike the urine test, your blood is a very tightly regulated system and doesn’t get diluted or change with different factors of hydration. 


1.  Prick your finger

2. Squeeze a drop of blood out of your finger

3. tap it on a little strip and the machine tell you you the level of BHB in your blood.

Tips: Most accurate way to measure the level of ketosis, most expensive

Breath Testing

Testing your breath for ketone levels is the newest and most exciting way to check for ketosis. Although it is a newer concept and they are still doing a lot of testing, the potential looks promising. A ketone breath meter checks for acetate in your breath which is a byproduct of ketosis. Ketonix allows you to blow into their machine which will let you know an estimate of which state of ketosis you are in.


1. Plug meter into a power source

2. Blow into meter until the lights stop flashing

3. Collect data, usually numbers between 40-80 signal a state of ketosis

Tips: Takes a while to get readings, expensive, reusable

Listen to Your Body

A common way that people determine that they are in ketosis is by understanding the symptoms that come from being in this state. Although this method varies greatly depending on individuals, if you are feeling the benefits, there's a good chance you're already in ketosis!

Mental Clarity


Decreased Hunger

Consistent Energy levels

Increased Thirst, Dry Tissues